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"But I'm Afraid of Needles!"

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

One of the common hesitations I hear when someone is considering acupuncture treatments, is, "But I'm afraid of needles!"

I've treated a lot of folks who are afraid of needles; remember that you are always in charge of your treatment. And, for the truly needle-phobic or squirmy kids, I am trained in Japanese styles that use non-inserted tools to stimulate the acupuncture points. I can develop treatments that exclude needles from your feet, or your cheek, or your-name-that-squeamish-part.

Sometimes people receive treatment with their eyes closed the entire time in order to manage their apprehension, as they just don't want to see the needles. Other people find an engaging conversation with this acupuncturist like me helps to keep their mind from thinking about needles while receiving a treatment. And still others become much more comfortable once they have had a chance to see just how small (really!) the needles are. For those whose only experience with needles is a hollow hypodermic needle used for a blood draw or an injection, you may be pleasantly surprised by acupuncture needles which aren't hollow and are therefore much, much slimmer.

If your fear around needles, or hesitation that acupuncture will hurt, is holding you back from trying treatment, let's talk! I'd be happy to discuss some of the options outlined in this post or other ways to help you feel comfortable so you too can enjoy the benefits of acupuncture treatments. If you are seeking acupuncture in the Olympia, WA area, give me a call at (360) 999-1683 and let's talk about how we can work with or without needles!


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