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Changing Scenery: From Outdoor to Inner Landscapes

Only art penetrates what pride, passion, intelligence and habit erect on all sides – the seeming realities of this world. There is another reality, the genuine one, which we lose sight of. This other reality is always sending us hints, which without art, we can’t receive. Proust calls these hints our “true impressions.” The true impressions, our persistent intuitions, will, without art, be hidden from us and we will be left with nothing but a ‘terminology for practical ends’ which we falsely call life.

— Saul Bellow, on science and art from his Nobel lecture in 1976.

As the leaves change colors and migrating birds move on, it is time for me to send the work of local artist, Sherry Buckner, back to Red Twig Studio. It has been such a delight to have her nature-themed works quietly encouraging healing.

Good fortune and fabulous artists abound in Olympia: Lisa Telling-Kattenbraker has loaned several of her batik prints which now hang in the Acorn Acupuncture Ward Lake clinic. Lisa's work explores emotive landscapes. "The imagery, patterns, and faceless figures represent her life as well as invite the viewer to bring their own story to the pieces with the hopes of sparking conversation and connection." In her 25 years of working with batik, she has pushed the boundaries of this ancient craft into contemporary art. You can check out her work during one of your acupuncture appointments or at the Childhood's End Gallery in Olympia or The Hubbub Shop in Centralia.


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