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Doing My Part: Covid-19 Update

Here in Washington, Governor Inslee issued new restrictions for the remainder of November and early December as a response to increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases. Olympia was no exception to these increases, which are even higher than the initial numbers this spring. I know that I have been doing what I can, above and beyond the minimum requirements of screening for symptoms and fevers: patients and I wear masks, and I wear a clean smock with each patient; I have two air filters operating and/or I leave windows open; and of course there is the copious amount of sanitizing and linens washing that happens in between appointments each and every time. I also moved to a building with fewer tenants to decrease the numbers of people coming in and out. If someone has to cancel within less than 24 hours due to illness, or symptom-free covid exposure, they reschedule without incurring a late cancellation fee and with my appreciation.

Nevertheless, as the numbers continue to rise I have pondered what I can do to make sure that you, I, and our dear ones have the best shot of staying virus-free. And to that end I am instituting two new features to my practice. First, I will have two post-holiday quarantine periods during which I shut down my office - just in case that colleague of yours didn't actually make their entire family, flying in from a covid hot spot, wear masks during their annual holiday gathering where they karaoke and distance-spit apple seeds for a year of family bragging rights to the winner. Fun but, whoa, a lot of germ spreading. These closures will be November 30-December 4 and December 28-January 8 (I am also closed December 24 and 25 in observance of Christmas). Next, I will be regularly watching the case rates in Thurston County. If we exceed 100 new cases a day, I will shut down until the numbers drop below that for 3 days straight.

In the meantime, I know you are all wearing masks and frequently washing hands. For that I am immensely thankful.


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